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"Really powerful work, really powerful. I found a hard-nosed part of it...I've never seen anything quite like it in the 360 degree, in-depth approach."

N, strategic consultant's feedback on work for a mutual client.

Seeing the world through new eyes!

Do you know:

  • How many employees are disengaged? - Across industries it's 78%
  • How much management time is spent on conflict and miscommunication? - 25%
  • On average the likelihood of successful organisational change is 33%, including M&A.

That's why Effective Vision came into being.
Our focus is helping people improve productivity, experiences, collaboration and sales.
By showing you your world from new perspectives you get to see the cues for your behaviour.
You can now use your enhanced decision-making frame of reference to powerful effect.

The impact on performance is profound, and, if you wish, sustainable.

  • Increased productivity, less resource wastage.
  • Enhanced collaboration, less blame.
  • Improved experiences, reduced indifference.

Enabling you to create value from every unit of effort expended, whether at work or at home.


What does this mean in real terms?

An oil major subsidiary felt something was missing in their on-going evolution. They weren't certain of success. Effective Vision provided insight into the stakeholder experience, their engagement, and patterns of behaviour. Affecting these enabled the business to increase profit by over 600% in two years, with the same headcount. It is the biggest organic turnaround in their parent group's long history.


Next steps

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Frame of reference definition:
The context, culture or mindset that determine a person's perception, thinking and decision-making. As a result determining their behaviour.

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