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"Yes, we've done, or are in the process of doing all the recommendations you put forward...a valuable and interesting report."

CS, Sales Director, national training organisation.

The proof of the pudding

Like many people, before you commission you want to have some evidence of the taste of the cake.

Below are case studies of projects, as well as a few more quotes for your delectation.


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'Why did the chicken cross the road? How to address polarisation and indifference'


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'When you're sitting on a cart, does chatting with the driver encourage the horse to go quicker?'


"Not that I know the whole market, yet I haven't seen anything anywhere near as good as what you do on stakeholder experience." DB, Strategic consultant

"It's far more informative than the usual tick boxes (report)." SS, Head of Administration and Evaluation, UK University

"Just woke my neighbours giving applause to your presentations. Excellent stuff!...it really is great what you've pulled out." PB, Operations Director, charity

"It was a pleasure to meet you and gain a valuable insight into my own thought process and actions when meeting new prospective clients, very interesting!" DC, top performing sales executive, national training organization

"You provoked my thoughts. Things have started changing since we met three weeks ago..." BW, Departmental leader, national institution

"The whole team found your training session extremely useful, it has given us lots to think about and put into practice...customer care scores have gone up significantly, which is what we wanted" JR, customer service team leader, award-winning hospitality venue


No doubt you realise that a deep understanding of people and how they behave is valuable.
The real proof of the pudding will only reveal itself once you contact us and invite us to your world.


Next steps

Just contact us now to explore your desured outcomes at info@effectivevision.co.uk.


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