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"It's very interesting stuff. A fascinating area. May I put it on my website?"

DH, Chief Executive of a european interim and talent management firm after having read 'Whom do you trust?'

Thinking with someone else's head

Sometimes it is quicker to pick someone else's mind than find out through experience.
The value is that they've already expended a chunk of effort doing the legwork for you.
Sit back with a beverage and a screen, print-out or book and see the world through new eyes.
Test out your learning and insights, mentally and physically, on route to achieving your goals.

There will be ideas that challenge your existing beliefs or reinforce them, help or hinder.
There may also be gaps...we do not presume to know everything or post it here.


Clear Purpose - newsletter

Clear Purpose offers you insight on diverse topics of human behaviour every 4-6 weeks.
Our aim is to challenge or reinforce your thoughts on performance shaping factors.

The topics are varied, and are unrepeated in the articles section.



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'Believe to succeed'

A motivational little piece written for a disability group coordinator.


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'Including diversity'

A provocative reflection and insight into the issue of inclusion, diversity and organisational performance.


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'Thinking techniques 1 - mind maps and perceptual positioning'

Commissioned by the Association for Heritage Interpretation Journal, published July 2006.
A very brief summary of four technqiues valuable in developing insights and solutions.


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'The relevance of learning'

What stimlates people to learn....in any context?


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An article to understand and improve your determination.


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'Whom do you trust?Whom do you trust?'

Published in 2005 in "The System Thinker".
Trusting people, and having people trust us, is so powerful. When it comes to work, all too often, trust - real trust - is in short supply.



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