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"Topics for future events: A day session on David Newport's subject of emotional responses"

AHI Conference feedback, 2005.

About us

His nibsEffective Vision was founded in 2004 by David Newport. His aim being to help people maximise their success, realising your potential through a deeper understanding of human behaviour.

Our goal

Our goal is not to give you success, it is for you to create your own success.

Our goal is to offer you deep understanding, such deep understanding that, as in the film "The Matrix", the world unravels before you.
To show you the patterns of human life at a fundamental level so that you can focus your energies successfully.

Our clientbase

Organisations who want to be sustainably profitable for the long-term.
Organisations from local to global operations, including public and private sector.
Organisations that understand the value of human capital and want to release its potential.

Our core values:

  • People are key
  • Delivering value outcomes
  • Thoroughness
  • Holism - the interconnectedness of everything
  • Everybody's truth is valid
  • Breaking bounds to success - through patience, persuasion, even provocation
  • There is a solution

What that means for you

Clients repeatedly use the following words and phrases to describe our work:

  • "Invaluable guide"
  • "Thorough"
  • "A different approach - not seen anything like it before"
  • "Impressive insight"
  • "Excellent report/presentation"
  • "Provoked, and focused, thoughts"
  • "Incredibly useful"



People love secrets. Tempting insights that offer your edge in survival and success.
We are fascinated by the human condition and what enables superior performance.
Insights, and how to use them, are our offering. Some you'll savour, some will surprise you, and some shock.

And the name?

"An effective vision goes beyond comprehension to a deeper understanding of the real and imagined experience," Rick Sidorowicz.

"An effective vision is founded in the present, and is a compelling attractor that channels all effort toward the same future," Rick Dove.


Next steps

Just contact us now to arrange an initial chat at info@effectivevision.co.uk.


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