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"I think he has definitely made progress...I am not sure he can qualify it in his own mind at the moment."

DL, Customer Service Director's initial feedback following performance coaching seesion with senior member of their team.

Individual and Group Performance Coaching

How you can leverage the best in people...


Benefits of our coaching

  • Improves the effective, efficient application of energies.
  • Overcomes personal blocks and challenges, releasing individual potential.
  • Embeds new ways of thinking, more helpful behaviours and enhanced flexibility.
  • Clarifies and frames focus of effort.
  • Elicits inspired and motivated mind-set, helping to overcome procrastination.
  • Develops coachee's self-confidence in their ability to achieve success.
  • Group coaching provides environment where rapid access to best practice, experience and different perspectives can accelerate group and organisational development.
  • Accelerates business success through individual change and knock-on effect on colleagues. Research suggests at least a five-fold return on investment in executive coaching. A Fortune 500 2001 study showed 529% ROI!


If the person concerned actively doesn't want to be coached, or the coaching is unsupported in the work environment that is great feedback. An opportunity to explore you underlying cultural drivers that have lead to such a position.

Support is particularly important as often change can be so swift the people being coached find it hard to believe themselves (see quote on the left).



You invite one or more coachees for individual or group sessions.

A supportive environment and mutual trust is developed between the coachee(s) and coach. Step changes in self-awareness, clarity and choice are encouraged. These allow for profound insight to occur, inspiring action.

Tailored one-to-one coaching is a very fast and effective learning approach, especially when change is about beliefs and is of a sensitive nature for the individual. The timeframes and sessions, as well as the pacing, language and journey you take, are uniquely tailored to you.

Group coaching gives a ready forum for connections and mutual understanding to be developed. Particularly useful for in-house groups spread out geographically, or non-competitive professionals, often from the same sector. The connections feed the development of individual and group learning and solutions.

Techniques are drawn from an variety of sources. They are, in truth, immaterial. Your focus is achieving outcomes positively, and as quickly as possible...now even!



All levels in organisations, individuals or across groupings [for example: teams, partnerships, inter-department or inter-division contacts].

Situations addressed

  • Decline in performance.
  • Sharpening capabilites such as interpersonal skills, leadership or strategic thinking.
  • Pre-emptive of a project, or of a change of role or responsibility.
  • Building on success - sustaining momentum.


Next steps

Just contact us now to arrange an initial chat at info@effectivevision.co.uk.


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