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"It has made an impact on the approach to guests...customer care scores have gone up significantly, which is what we wanted."

JR, Team Leader, hospitality, after 1.5hrs workshop with their team on 'how to build deep rapport quickly'.

Learning Workshops

How you can help your people and organisation to grow...


Benefits of learning with us

  • Greater shared space - mutual understanding, leading to improvements in communication.
  • Performance specific knowledge, skill and attitude development.
  • Increased sense of inclusion.
  • Enhanced engagement and collaboration.
  • Improvements in attendees emotional, mental and physical health [ref: The Impact of Learning on Health, Leicester, NIACE]
  • Short-term and long-term gain in performance.


All our events are in the area of human behaviour. You'll find other providers for training the mechanics of accountancy or sales, when you want your people to think like a successful accountant or salesperson you'll think of us.

If you have to tell people to attend, it may be worthwhile having a broader discussion with us first.



You provide a core topic, and invite people to attend. Or you can choose from our growing menu of workshops, or have something tailored specific to your circumstances and desired outcome.

A relaxed, non-judgmental environment is established so that all your people can be as open to learning as possible. The context for learning is framed according to the needs and perceptions of the group.

All workshops are highly interactive and have pre-reading or exercises, and a workbook as a memory re-inforcer. If you're interested in other tools to embed learning just let us know when you contact us.

Impact is attainable from a 1.5hr workshop to a three or five-day event.



All levels, mixed groups - everybody benefits from understanding more about their own and other peoples' behaviour.


Topics can be categorised, broadly as follows

  • Accelerating achievements by identifying and addressing leverage points in underlying patterns of behaviour.
  • Quickly developing deep rapport for win:win in communications in-house and with external stakeholders.
  • Designing teams that work efficiently, and facilitating their success.
  • Develop congruent frames of reference for fantastically potent, aligned decisions.
  • Dramatically affecting individual and organisational performance through adjusting identity, values and beliefs.


Next steps

Just contact us now to arrange an initial chat at info@effectivevision.co.uk.


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