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"Thank you very much for it all - it's very comprehensive and clearly laid out."

RG, Head of Interpretation's initial feedback on project.

Mapping Emotional Journeys©

Get an in-depth insight into your stakeholders' emotional journey with you...
Adjust the cues and layout to enhance in the moment engagement

Mapping Emotional Journeys is our methodology for identifying the specific elements of a stakeholder journey that affect engagement or disengagement in the moment:

  • Engagement
  • Focus of attention
  • Perceptions
  • Emotions
  • Motivation and expectations
  • Specific content issues
  • Ways forward directly related to the important issues and experiences expressed.


Problems solved, opportunities realised

  • Customer experience drivers and emotional journey
  • Employee engagement drivers and emotional journey
  • The key environmental cues in your stakeholder journey
  • How to valuably create change or reinforce excellence.

Typical questions answered

  • How much of the experience you created is experienced as you hope?
  • What is your customers' experience of you and your services in the moment?
  • Where do people expend their time and attention, and why?
  • What elements affect that experience? How do those elements affect it?
  • How engaged are your employees in the moment? What issues do you need to address?
  • Where are the opportunities to valuably adjust the environment and improve engagement?



  • We provide an environment where stakeholders provide a stream of consciousness narrative.
  • Elicit peoples' truths - rational and emotional perceptions.
  • Nominally 40 for a homogeneous unit, 20 for each cut of data therein.
  • Smaller populations are readily addressable too.
  • Quota sampling stakeholders appropriate to the area of concern or opportunity.
  • You provide a core topic focus in discussions - for example: service, learning, or brand.
  • You provide access to stakeholders.
  • People are encouraged to express themselves about issues salient to them, in their words, at their pace, in their time.
  • A mass of opinion, quotations and facts is elicited.
  • Analysed to identify the patterns of behaviour, the dynamics of the journey - high points and low points, pacing, rate of change, overall feel, and the underlying behavioural patterns of your culture are creating this journey.
  • Define 'how it will be' as much as 'how it is,' so you can apply your skills to an improved future performance.
  • For any experience which has a journey element to it. For example: heritage and attractions, retail, hospitality, housing/building/facilities, travel, service processes.


Benefits of insight

  • "Incredibly useful..." for strategy and organisational development decisions
  • Deep understanding of areas of engagement and disengagement in stakeholder journey
  • Emotional impact of elements in stakeholders' minds
  • Realising the leverage points for focused effort
  • Vehicle for developing management and leadership thinking
  • Material for quick wins as well as long-term impact


Next steps

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