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"I promised to give you some feedback on that wonderful 'Determination' paper you managed to produce from my ramblings. I think it would be helpful for me to model your clarity of thought in processing garble into clear, concise information!"

AH, regional charity chairperson's feedback.

Modelling Excellence

How you can get to define the excellence your customers deserve, and success your stakeholders desire...


Why model?

  • Get good quick!
  • Improvement in individual and team performance of at least 10%, normally far more
  • Recruitment and promotion of appropriate people. An excellent model enables appropriate questions to be posed, linked directly to in-role success
  • Tailored induction, learning and development, according to the real gaps in performance
  • Enables effective, efficient, impact coaching in-role or anticipatory [handover, succession or new role]
  • Material for quick wins as well as long-term impact


Excellent performance may be at odds with the current culture, in which case a slightly broader conversation may be appropriate. Do you want to maximise performance in the current culture, or enable improved performance in an adjusted cultural environment?



We delve into the minds of those of you who excel, drawing out the patterns of thinking, beliefs, emotions and goal structures that enable them to out-perform others in their field.

The resulting material helps you understand them and the factors that enable their performance. At the same time powerful material can be developed to enhance the performance of others in, or moving into, the same role.



In-house if possible. If not existing in-house, then out-house if accessible, or we can construct a working model [more time-consuming and more generic].

There is profound value in comparing the top performers with those at the bottom of the top quartile to focus on the key differentiators.

Fields addressed

Any attitude, behaviour or skill, for example:

  • Attitude - patience, interest, optimism.
  • Behaviour - pro-activity, determination, care.
  • Skill - technical skills, prospecting, negotiating.


Next steps

Just contact us now to arrange an initial chat at info@effectivevision.co.uk.


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