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"I felt the information was very good. We must follow the same line, I feel strongly about communicating it. We must use it in front of us the whole time [as we develop strategy], if we don't we will not succeed."

JS, global strategy manager's feedback.

Surveying Stakeholder Experience

Get a truly in-depth 360° insight into how your organisation really works...
and how to leverage greater performance

Surveying Stakeholder Experience is our methodology for eliciting this rich picture of behavioural cues, culture and experiences including:

  • Engagement
  • Motivation
  • Perceptions
  • Emotions
  • Desires and expectations
  • Specific content issues
  • Ways forward directly related to the important issues and experiences expressed.


Problems solved, opportunities realised

  • Employee engagement issues and drives
  • Customer experience issues and drives
  • Human capital due diligence in M&A situations
  • How to valuably create change or reinforce excellence.

Typical questions answered

  • What is your customers' experience of you and your services?
  • What factors affect that experience? How do those factors affect it?
  • Why are your customers vulnerable to competitor offers?
  • How does your market regard you and the services you provide?
  • How can you evaluate how much people have learned from visiting you?
  • How committed to you are your suppliers? Are there supply chain issues you can leverage?
  • How engaged are your employees? What issues do you need to address to increase value?



  • Usually 1-1 interview (phone or face-to-face), can be focus group or questionnaire.
  • Elicit peoples' truths - rational and emotional perceptions.
  • Nominally 40 for a homogeneous unit, 20 for each cut of data therein.
  • Smaller populations are readily addressable too.
  • Quota sampling stakeholders appropriate to the area of concern or opportunity.
  • You provide a core topic focus in discussions - for example: service, learning, or brand.
  • You provide access to stakeholders.
  • People are encouraged to express themselves about issues salient to them, in their words, at their pace, in their time.
  • A mass of opinion, quotations and facts is elicited.
  • Draw together the key issues using systems thinking, or our inferential-consequential framework.
  • Define 'how it will be' as much as 'how it is,' so you can apply your skills to an improved future performance.


Benefits of insight

  • "Invaluable guide..." for strategy and organisational development decisions
  • Deep understanding of cultural behaviour patterns
  • Emotional impact of key issues in stakeholders minds
  • Realising the leverage points for focused effort
  • Vehicle for developing management and leadership thinking
  • Material for quick wins as well as long-term impact


Next steps

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