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"The work you did was highly commended by the charity commissioners. We are so pleased that we commissioned it. It has been an invaluable guide for us."

G, Chair of the Board of Trustees for a national UK charity.

Making the most of every unit of effort expended

Success is about gaining value from every unit of effort you expend.

How do our clients deliver over 15% increase in productivity/turnover within one year, some up to 30%, without increase in headcount?
With these improvements bottom line profit increased over 100%. Turnarounds have gone from zero profit, and even loss, to 10% RoS in a year, increasing to 20-30% RoS within two years.

The key to changing performance is people.

Success is achieved through engaging people, and facilitating their behaviour, toward a clear common purpose.

People design, use, maintain and benefit from systems, environments and tools.
When you change their behaviour by changing behavioural cues, you can deliver progressive and step changes in experience, performance, collaboration and bottom line.
Once you understand the power of behavioural cues, you can deliver improved results sustainably.


Routes forward

Change modelBehavioural cues are collectively called culture. Individual excellence is about the fit of mindset with culture and role.

The challenge has always been in defining culture, mindset and behaviour. We define it in a way that is tangible and actionable. A way that enables you to swiftly generate profound results.

The action you'll take, usually using your own resources, include:

  • Engagement
  • One-to-one performance development
  • Structural refinement
  • Process refinement
  • Group development

The critical difference is that you'll be making decisions from your enhanced frame of reference.



Only when people are actively engaged in a task or environment do they focus their attention and usefully apply their capabilities.
Remember that across sectors only 22% of people are fully engaged. Alongside this people contribute an average 50-60% of their potential.
Fully engaged people contribute 80-100%.

Engaging people, and providing them with appropriate behavioural cues, reduces conflict, confusion, dis-trust, dis-interest and stress. Any such reductions increase your relative economic value.

What percentage of your organisation do you want engaged? 10%, 40%, 60%, 80%? Where are you happy for people to not be engaged?


Next steps

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